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Splash SuperPool’s more than just an instant swimming pool. The European designed, American-made Splash SuperPool’s are constructed of a durable polyester cord reinforced liner and a rugged, galvanized steel support structure. It’s built to resist the super activities of children…and adults. This unique SuperPool eliminates the need for nuts, bolts or tools to install it. In fact, the Splash family of pools can typically be set up and ready for water in less than an hour, on virtually any type of surface such as grass, sand, asphalt, concrete, or even dirt! (For the pool’s best performance we recommend that your set up area be level) Splash SuperPools, like the families that enjoy them, come in a variety of sizes. 

For Fitness, Fun, or Just Relaxation

4ft. SuperPool:Features a true 4ft of water depth. Children don’t stay small forever, that’s why the 4ft deep SuperPool, available in a variety of widths and lengths is the perfect choice for families.

4ft. Omega Pool: For those who prefer to splash around and around, the 4-foot deep OmegaPool is the right pool to shape up any backyard. And like the perfect circle, the fun never ends!

5ft. Alpha Pool:The tallest pool in the above-ground market, 5 foot deep AlphaPool assures us of providing the biggest, as well as the best, for our customers!

Playa Pool: ​Coming Soon

You can be assured of getting the SuperPool that fits your needs, your lifestyle, your backyard and yourbudget!Splash also assures you of a quality product with our comprehensive 20-year limited warranty that covers the pool for a full 20 years. Splash SuperPools are the perfect way to beat the heat, and a super way to entertain family and friends of all ages. Splash SuperPool’s are an oasis in your own backyard!!!!

The Splash Family of Pools…

Splash produces more lengths, widths, diameters and heights than any other above ground pool manufacturer on the planet! And they have been doing it for 20 years longer than all of their competitors!

Above Ground Pools

Dolce Vita II is the newest product on the market from Splash! Built for unforgettable family fun and lasting memories. But, the sophisticated outward appearance is more than just skin deep. The rugged internal support structure is superior to anything of its kind ever used with a swimming pool. Let's face it, it's what's expected from Splash, an industry leader for 30 years in pool design, performance and innovation. Dolce Vita II provides the elegance you would expect from far more expensive pools.